All Kiosks Plans Include:

  • Control Panel Access Easy to use back-end access
  • Easy Custom Menu Management Manage menus, products, prices, hours, categories, payment types, delivery charges, and much more...
  • Printer & Text Notifications Orders notification can be configured to print, email, text and/or fax
  • Website Maintenance Customize your own color, buttons, icons, etc...
  • Analytics Generate reports to help you understand your customers' behavior or to directly market to your customers by sending them specials and discounts.
  • Social Sharing Customers can share their experience with their friends and colleagues
  • One-Click Ordering and Order History Quick ordering from the 5 most recent orders or access history to view or recreate previous orders
  • Coupons and Promotions Create your own discounts, coupons and promotions while controlling all aspects including time, %, $, frequency, etc...
  • Group Ordering Allow groups to order at once while giving each person control to their own order.
  • Loyalty Points Setup your own loyalty system where you control number points earned and redeemed
  • Custom Links Create your own custom links to point to external pages such as surveys, Facebook, etc...
  • Facebook Ordering Allow your customers to place orders directly from your own Facebook page
  • Accept Credit Cards Online We facilitate online payments using your own merchant account (nothing passes through us)
  • Multiple Order Types Accept Pickup/Takeout, Delivery, Curbside and Dine-in.

We have absolutely loved having MealClick.  The interface is super user friendly and customers enjoy that they can access it via the url on their phones and other devices.  The MealClick support team was great to work with from start to finish.  They allowed us to send them our menu in whatever format was convenient for us and did the leg work of organizing the menu in the system.  Once the menu was setup, the system was intuitive in terms of ease of manipulation of data.  Menus could be adjusted easily and quickly.   Equipment was ordered swiftly and there was always a team member ready to assist us as we setup the initial kiosk.  Once the platform was operational, we were notified if anything went wrong immediately so that we could address it and make sure the customer experience was not affected.  MealClick has been a great addition to our school and has helped bring us into the business of online ordering.

Tadd S.

General Manager, Sodexo

Kiosks Services Include:

  • Free First Month Get 13 months for the price of 12
  • Free Menu Setup Now we setup your menu online absolutely free
  • Free Domain Name No Website? No Problem, we'll get you one and manage and renew your DNS, URL, and Domain Name
  • Free Web Hosting Website Not Hosted? No Problem, we'll host your website if you want us to, but not necessary
  • Free Landing Page Just want a landing page so customers can find you? No Problem, we'll setup a landing page for you and host it for you if you want us to, but not necessary
  • No Limit on Orders Have at it and let your customers order as much as possible for one low price
  • No Transaction Fees There are absolutely no per order cost or commissions for orders
  • No Transaction Fax Fees All fax charges are included in the plan - Fax is used as a backup if desired
  • Free Backend Access You will have access to update your menu, prices, and much more online 24/7
  • Free Updates If you want us to update your menu, we'll do it for free
  • Responsive Design Works on all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • 24/7/365 System Monitoring Our intelligent platform monitors your system 24/7/365 and notifies you instantaneously in case of any issues.
  • No Hidden Fees Absolutely no hidden costs
  • Save big-Alternative to Seamlessweb, GrubHub and Foodpanda Introduce your customers to a new way of ordering and save big. No more paying double digit fees 10%, 15% or 18%. Do the math, the savings are huge.

Prices are for US and Canadian customers only. For customers outside the US/Canada please contact us for distributor/VAR contact information.