Online, Desktop and Mobile Restaurant Ordering - Seemless, Accurate, Fast

Let your restaurant accept orders online from anywhere and on any device.  MealClick has been powering restaurant online ordering since 2000.

Table-Side Restaurant Self Ordering Kiosk - Easy, Flexible and Powerful

World’s Largest Roller Coaster-Themed Restaurant Powered by MealClick’s Table-Side Restaurant Self Kiosk Ordering Technology – Rogo’s Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In-Store Free Standing Self Ordering Restaurant Kiosk - Bye Bye Long Lines, Hello Convenience

Sodexo Campus Services Uses In-Store Kiosk Restaurant Ordering Powered by MealClick To Serve Students.

Tired of paying double digit fees (10%, 15% or 18% ) on orders through sites like Seamless, GrubHub or Foodpanda?

Are your customers tired of being bombarded by marketing messages?

We provide you and your customers with a great alternative. Unlimited online orders free of fees or commissions.  Easy to use, easy to manage and orders can be placed from any device including desktop, tablet, mobile and kiosk.

MealClick Restaurant Online Ordering Solution - Any Device Anywhere

Restaurant Online Ordering from Anywhere on Any Device

Accept online restaurant orders from your own custom built menu.  From desktop, smartphone or tablet directly to your printer (with email and fax backup.)  Increase sales and provide your customers with a proven restaurant online food ordering solution that is seamless, accurate and fast.

MealClick In-Store Kiosk Restaurant Ordering Solution

Free Standing Self Ordering Restaurant Kiosk

Accept orders in-store from your own configured iPad or Android Kiosk Powered Stand (floor or desktop).  Shorten long lines during busy time and offer customers a convenient way to order through a superior restaurant self ordering kiosk solution.

MealClick Table-Side Self Ordering Kiosk Restaurant Solution

Table-Side Self Ordering Restaurant Kiosk

Go hi-tech and let your customers place their own orders through a tabletop powered tablet and customize their meal to their liking for maximum flexibility.  Table-side kiosk restaurant ordering is a growing trend as it puts the customer in control.

We have absolutely loved having MealClick.  The interface is super user friendly and customers enjoy that they can access it via the url on their phones and other devices.  The MealClick support team was great to work with from start to finish.  They allowed us to send them our menu in whatever format was convenient for us and did the leg work of organizing the menu in the system.  Once the menu was setup, the system was intuitive in terms of ease of manipulation of data.  Menus could be adjusted easily and quickly.   Equipment was ordered swiftly and there was always a team member ready to assist us as we setup the initial kiosk.  Once the platform was operational, we were notified if anything went wrong immediately so that we could address it and make sure the customer experience was not affected.  MealClick has been a great addition to our school and has helped bring us into the business of online ordering.

Tadd S.

General Manager, Sodexo

MealClick’s services provided our customers with a new avenue to order from us. MealClick assisted us in creating more business, trippled our repeat ordering, and increased our efficiency by allowing us to concentrate on our core business to better serve our customers.

Eli G.

Owner, Oasis Cafe

Our check average for online orders is almost 100% more than the in-store order check total. We have also noticed that add-ons to orders have increased. This is surely because customers have more time to “shop” online with no pressure to get in and get out quickly. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from our online customers proving that MealClick’s online service is a positive experience for them.

John J.

Franchisor, Burger King

MealClick has helped us stay innovative and offers us a solution that can easily be changed and adaptive to our business.

Jason L.

Regional Manager, Sodexo

Thanks for the innovative way of picking up a great lunch while avoiding the usual long wait and lines. I was amazed at ease of placing an order on my laptop and iPad.  The quality of service and the warmth of the food is refreshing. I guess I’ll be a regular customer now.

Robert K.