Online Food Ordering Software Technology for Restaurants
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Online Food Ordering Software Technology Solution for Restaurants

As an industry leader, MealClick offers online ordering and kiosk in-store ordering solutions to the hospitality industry's wide range of dining concepts. We are proud to be the technology pioneers in this sectoe with thousands of installation since 2000. MealClick has the right products, knowledge and expertise to service all your web and in-store ordering needs.

Accept online orders through your own website Accept in-store orders through iPad powered kiosk
Accept online orders through your own website from any device
Accept in-store orders through your own iPad powered Kiosk

From any device directly to your printer (email or fax) to increase sales and provide a simple and proven solution to your customers. From your own configured iPad and Kiosk Stand to your printer to shorten long lines during busy time and offer customers a convenient way to order.

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